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  1. A font that would not
    have a reflection.
  2. A mime typeface.
  3. A font where the capitals
    would have the role of
    lowercases and vice versa.
  4. A serif mimicking a sans.
  5. A font without a priori.
  6. An objective font.
  7. A font without interior,
    nor exterior.
  8. A font that one can turn
    inside out like an octopus.
  9. A font that can
    only be used once.
  10. A typeface that can age.
  11. A font of Youth.
  12. A font with an accent.
  13. A rare typography.
  14. An inimitable typeface.
  15. A disposable font.
  16. A font with an aftertaste.
  17. A polluting typeface.
  18. A recyclable typography.
  19. An eco-friendly typeface.
  20. Two twin fonts.
  21. Two fonts influencing
    each other.
  22. Two fonts finished
    at exactly the same time.
  23. Two second cousin fonts
  24. Two inbred fonts.
  25. A creeping font.
  26. A font invisible
    to the eyes of the old.
  27. A flowing font.
  28. A typeface
    that would emerge
    like a mountain.
  29. A topographic font family
    with river, sea
    & ocean variations.
  30. A typeface based
    on the idea of flow.
  31. A typeface that would act
    like a tide.
  32. A typeface whose
    curve tensions would be
    those of liquids.
  33. A caricatural font.
  34. A screaming font.
  35. A caricature of font.
  36. A medieval Grotesque.
  37. A monospace civilité type.
  38. A liberticidal typography.
  39. A typeface that shines.
  40. A typeface that radiates.
  41. A typeface that blinds.
  42. A typeface that emits light.
  43. A typeface
    that sucks up light.
  44. A typeface so heavy
    that it curves space-time.
  45. A dangerous font.
  46. A font that cannot be fixed
    for more than
    5 seconds.
  47. A font that one is
    forced to set at least
    a minute.
  48. A typeface
    as an advertisment.
  49. A pop-up font.
  50. A spam font.
  51. A scam font.
  52. A Hoax font.
  53. A typeface that grows.
  54. An invasive typeface.
  55. A virus font.
  56. A contagious typeface.
  57. A typographic font family
    as a climbing plant.
  58. A totem font family.
  59. A silent typeface.
  60. A font that improvises.
  61. A font that stutters.
  62. A stressed typeface.
  63. An anxious font.
  64. A font family
    with a major mode
    and a minor mode.
  65. A inscannable font.
  66. A font that fades
    when scanned.
  67. A font that is
    a few minutes late.
  68. A zero mass font.
  69. An infinite mass font.
  70. A typeface without
    which life is no longer
    worth living.
  71. A molting typeface.
  72. A skinless font.
  73. A typeface with
    a broken skeleton.
  74. A typeface in full puberty.
  75. A typeface
    that predicts the future.
  76. A font of several
    kilometres tall.
  77. A font the size
    of the universe.
  78. A monospace
    made of dark matter.
  79. A font family
    that has a scent.
  80. A typeface
    illegible by children.
  81. A typeface with innuendoes.
  82. A transgenerational font.
  83. The typeface
    of a generation.
  84. A typeface
    of a sexual nature.
  85. A typeface classified
    over 18.
  86. A typeface forbidden
    for administrations.
  87. A typeface
    that makes you sad.
  88. A typeface that conveys
  89. A typeface
    that makes you drunk.
  90. A typeface for criminals.
  91. A font family where every
    typeface is the same.
  92. A font family composed
    of the same typeface
    redesigned over
    and over again.
  93. One pixel by one pixel font.
  94. A terrorist typeface.
  95. A typeface virus.
  96. A font family
    that makes you hungry.
  97. A font family composed
    of dry and wet fonts.
  98. A sponge typeface.
  99. A typeface unstable
    above absolute zero.
  100. A typeface as a planet.
  101. An informative font.
  102. A font family
    made just to name
    other fonts.
  103. A typeface legible only
    by graphic designers.
  104. A typeface illegible
    to graphic designers.
  105. A bilingual font.
  106. The shadow of a typeface.
  107. The dark side
    of a font.
  108. Font family secrets.
  109. A typeface
    in several acts.
  110. A font on both sides.
  111. Two fonts entangled quantitatively.
  112. A font that only exists
    in dreams.
  113. A robotic humanist font.
  114. An illegal typeface.
  115. A font that must not
    be spoken.
  116. A typeface that
    has been sanded.
  117. A Zionist typeface.
  118. An ideological font.
  119. A font that walks.
  120. A blind font.
  121. A typeface with
    and without a blow dry.
  122. A compound typeface
    in the body of Christ.
  123. A planed font.
  124. A typeface with an unpronouncable name.
  125. The reincarnation
    of a typeface.
  126. A font family composed of one font with good karma and another with bad karma.
  127. A typeface that reaches enlightenment.
  128. A meditating font.
  129. A typeface that deserves purgatory.
  130. A typeface that does evil.
  131. A typeface that
    is evil incarnate.
  132. A typeface that comes out of purgatory.
  133. A typographic font family
    Earth > Hell > Purgatory
    > Paradise.
  134. A universal typeface.
  135. A font so logical it would be understood by aliens.
  136. A human font.
  137. An inhuman typeface.
  138. A non-human typeface.
  139. A font family based
    on Darwinian evolution.
  140. A creationist font.
  141. A font family
    that would be readable only
    if all its variants were used.
  142. A Mega-Zord
    font family.
  143. A font family dinner.
  144. A font family
    composed of nearby
    and distant fonts.
  145. A font family
    composed of fonts
    with a short focal length
    and a long focal length.
  146. A typeface that accounts
    for an upheaval.
  147. A typeface created by
    the last human.
  148. A typeface that can survive 100,000 years.
  149. A typeface that would cause
    the end of the world.
  150. A font that would change according to an event.
  151. A font that contains
    another font.
  152. A font that contains all fonts.
  153. A disguised typeface.
  154. A typeface font family based on
    sexual orientation.
  155. A typeface that summarizes
    the whole history
    of typography.
  156. The only typeface
    that is capital.
  157. A font family composed of a
    very well drawn ugly font
    and a very badly drawn elegant font.
  158. A sexist font.
  159. A racist typeface.
  160. A homophobic typeface.
  161. A typographic font family
    whose variations would be echoes
    of a first font.
  162. A seasonal font.
  163. An off-season font.
  164. A typeface as a special issue.
  165. A typeface developed in greenhouses.
  166. An imported typeface.
  167. A local font.
  168. An artificial typeface.
  169. A natural typeface.
  170. Pure typeface.
  171. The original typeface.
  172. A font that is not designed by
    the hands of a human.
  173. A schizophrenic font.
  174. A typographic font family
    where each typeface is
    a different personality.
  175. A manic-depressive font.
  176. A paranoid typeface.
  177. A bipolar typeface.
  178. A psychopathic font.
  179. A typeface that only
    one person can use.
  180. A typeface that can only
    be read once.
  181. A typeface everyone knows
    but that is impossible
    to draw.
  182. A typeface made only of serifs.
  183. A typeface that destroys all others.
  184. A typeface to threaten people.
  185. A typeface that would have
    no author.
  186. A typeface with
    a y-height.
  187. A gonzo typography.
  188. A meaningless font.
  189. A subjective font.
  190. The death of a typeface.
  191. A typeface that makes us forget how to read.
  192. A typeface
    for learning.
  193. A typeface whose glyphs are NEVER the same.
  194. A typeface so black that the paper disappears.
  195. A typeface with teeth.
  196. A font that reloads your PC.
  197. A typeface that discharges and recharges.
  198. Super super super
    lame typeface.
  199. A typeface whose use
    would lead to ruin.
  200. A font drug.
  201. A font that would make you believe that what you write is super interesting.
  202. A typographic font family
    where each typeface is
    a different drug.
  203. A typeface dealer.
  204. A typeface overdose.
  205. A typeface font family with an ingurgitational typeface and a regurgitational font.
  206. A typeface font family
    like Noah's Ark.
  207. The only font family worth saving.
  208. A font family with fonts that work in pairs.
  209. A font family with two variants: Sodom and Gomorrah.
  210. The font of God.
  211. The typeface used for the Ten Commandments.
  212. The font of
    the number of the beast.
  213. A typeface where the first
    would be the last, and the last would the first.
  214. A fanatical typeface.
  215. A sectarian typeface.
  216. A poorly translated font.
  217. A typeface with a bad haircut.
  218. A sacrificial font.
  219. A suicidal font.
  220. A stillborn typeface.
  221. An immortal typeface.
  222. A premature font.
  223. A typeface with Down's syndrome.
  224. A font family composed of
    a typeface with hypertension
    and one with hypotension.
  225. A typeface with an evil twin.
  226. The Nemesis of a font.
  227. The typographic antichrist.
  228. A typeface who absorbs his
    twin in his mother's womb.
  229. An in-vitro font.
  230. A typeface out of wedlock.
  231. A bastard typeface.
  232. A font family that adopts one font from another.
  233. A blended font family.
  234. A typeface born by cesarean section.
  235. A font family based on fetal development.
  236. A gifted typeface.
  237. A reptilian font.
  238. A typeface at rockbottom.
  239. A depressive font.
  240. A typeface who no longer
    knows how be a font.
  241. A typeface that if it didn't exist you'd have to invent it.
  242. A font with license to kill.
  243. A pig's font.
  244. A chemically unstable typography.
  245. A typeface made of beta brainwaves.
  246. A font to read with
    your eyes closed.
  247. A typeface painted in oils.
  248. A typeface to declare war.
  249. One typeface in case of emergency.
  250. A typeface kept secret.
  251. A typeface for divorce.
  252. A typeface to put a reward on someone's head.
  253. One typeface in four dimensions.